What is this Masterpiece?


Jesus masterpiece in one word is, ‘you‘.

He has put together amazing galaxies made up of billions of stars, all in their proper orbits. He’s created the earth with majestic mountains, beautiful waterfalls, and numerous varieties of animals, yet it’s people that he values most.

Jesus chose to die in order to put things right between us and Almighty God. His amazing sacrifice has paid for all the wrong that’s in our lives.

As the creator of the universe, the earth, and all living things, He would be the most qualified to make us into a real masterpiece. If we’ll allow him, he will take our lives and give us a new start.  But instead of asking us to change ourselves, He made the first move. Jesus, who had no wrong (sin), took ours so that we could receive God’s approval.

Not only can we have his approval but if we choose to accept this ‘divine exchange’, we are actually considered a part of his family. You could say that He adopts us as his much loved children!

Many of you might know the story, but for those who don’t let me share it. God has always been holy, which means that nothing with the slightest amount of wrong (sin) can come near him. However God also is love and has always wanted a family. Something had to be done to allow us into his family. So he asked his only son, Jesus to take our place and pay for all the sins of the entire world so that if we choose, we can belong to him. It’s a really good deal!

To read more about this check out the Father’s Love Letter that He wrote to you.

If you would like to become Jesus masterpiece, simply choose to believe that he did actually die for you to pay for all your sin, and then go tell somebody about it. There’s something about sharing your decision that makes it real, that makes it yours.

You are so incredibly and extravagantly loved. The Creator of the entire universe wants an active relationship with you and he was willing to have his son die to get it. How amazing is that!

You can start getting to know Jesus and his love by reading a small part of the bible here.

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